Privacy Policy

We've endeavored to keep our privacy policy as clear and concise as we possibly can. If you have a question about any of our policies, you can always email and we promise we'll follow-up with you.

Do you track information about visitors to
Yes. We promise we won't do anything nefarious with the information we collect, though. Our server, like all good web servers, collects some general information like every visitor's IP address, browser type, screen size, time of visit, and more. We review this information to make sure we're delivering the best possible experience for our readers. We might use an IP address to block you from our website or from commenting, but only if you're being a jerk.

What about cookies?
Our site may send a little message to your web browser encouraging it to store a bit of tracking information called a cookie. This tracking is only to help perform other site tasks that improve the experience.

What about embeds?
Because we love technology and gadgets and, frankly, just can't resist trying out the shiniest new stuff, we do regularly experiment using 3rd party embeds in our site. We use technology from companies you know like Facebook and Twitter, but we also might use something from a new company you haven't yet heard about like Massroots or a new sharing tool. When you load a page on our site, it's quite likely you're also loading a bit of code embedded from a 3rd party company or organization. These companies have their own privacy policies, and they may store cookie information or tracking information about you. We try to only use embeds from companies we trust and that have privacy policies similar to our own.

What about your newsletter?
It's really entertaining and informative. We'd love it if you subscribed. When you do, we only collect your email address, and we only do that for the purpose of sharing great content with you. We try to be really clear about what we're collecting and why, whenever anybody signs up. Every email includes an unsubscribe link.

Do you ever sell or share the personal information you collect with third parties?
Not unless we are legally required to do so.

Will this policy ever change?
Yes. We may change our policy. If our policy changes, we'll publish it here first. If the policy or processes change around our newsletter and the information we collect, we'll send an email first and give you the chance to opt-out or unsubscribe.