Civilized Games - Santa Monica:

  1. What are the Civilized Games?
    The Civilized Games is a series of unique athletic events taking place across North America that highlights cannabis consumption as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Check out our About page for more info.

  2. Is this an all ages event?
    Civilized Games is an age-gated event, meaning you must be 21+ to attend. All attendees must bring a valid form of identification to the event.
  3. What is included in my ticket price?
    Your ticket gives you access to all of our programming for the day, meaning you will be able to:

    • Kick off the day with a 4.20 mile Run/Walk along the beautiful Pacific Ocean
    • Warm up your body with morning Yoga
    • Take in some tunes with our live musical performances
    • Explore top wellness products and cannabis brands in the Vendor Village
    • Try to beat the best time at the Fitness Obstacle Course
    • Break a sweat with our Dance Cardios
    • Grab some props and strike a pose in the Photobooth Zone

  4. What do I need to wear and bring?
    Best to wear athletic attire, something comfortable and appropriate for the weather. It could be a hot one! If you are sensitive to the sun, we recommend you bring a hat and sunscreen.

  5. Is the day planned out or am I free to roam?
    There are several events and activities taking place throughout the day. More information can be found here. Make sure to sign up for the activities you wish to participate in and feel free to join as many, or as few as you’d like.

  6. How do I sign up for classes I want?
    When you are registering for the event, it will ask what classes you wish to participate in. If you change your mind, don’t worry, we have plenty of room.

  7. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, it will be.

  8. Is there a place to rent equipment or do I need to bring my own?
    Most classes do not require equipment, except for yoga. There will be mats available for rent ($5) or you can bring your own.

  9. Is there a place to store my personal belongings?
    We are not providing lockers or safe storage. Pack light!

  10. Where can I change my clothes throughout the day?
    The Santa Monica Pier has changing rooms available in their washrooms.

  11. Can I register onsite, or do I need to register in advance?
    You can absolutely sign up onsite, but we encourage everyone to register in advance.

  12. Is there a ticket return policy?
    Tickets to the event are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  13. Is there a rainy day plan?
    The event will run rain or shine.

  14. How do I stay hydrated?
    There will be water stations around the venue area. We will have cups available onsite, but we encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle.

  15. What is on the menu? Are you able to accommodate food allergies?
    There will be multiple food trucks at the event with a variety of options available, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

  16. Should I bring cash or credit card?
    You can pay for registration and food with credit card or cash. Some vendors in the village may only take cash, so make sure to have some on hand if you’d like to do some shopping. There will be no ATM onsite.

  17. What time should I arrive and where do I go?
    Programming starts at 9:00 am and activities run until 5:00 pm. You’ll find us to the left of the Santa Monica Pier (there will be signage).

  18. Is there parking available onsite?
    There is paid parking available nearby.

  19. I plan to drink, is there a safe transportation plan?
    We'd advise you to take Uber, Lyft, taxi or city transit.

  20. Can I consume cannabis onsite?
    No, this event doesn’t allow for cannabis or consumption of any other THC product onsite.

  21. Can I smoke onsite?
    There is absolutely no smoking allowed on the Santa Monica Pier. Designated (cigarette) smoking areas can be found offsite.

  22. Can I bring my dog to the event?
    We love dogs! But please make sure your furry friend is on a leash.

  23. If I have more questions, who should I contact?
    Please contact us at info@civilizedgames.com